Rediscover your forgotten memories

Get back control over your photos and digital carbon footprint

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“The vast majority of [the 4+ trillion] photos in Google Photos are never viewed”

Less photos. Less clutter.

Effortlessly get rid of your innumerable bad photos and dig out your cherished memories with easy-to-use features and AI assistants.

Less photos. Less impact.

Storing thousands upon thousands of photos isn't free. It's servers devouring energy at an alarming rate*. Stop letting them feed on your blurry mess.

Less photos. Less stress.

Find back serenity: we help you create painless routines to keep your photos tidy just as you enjoy rediscovering your favorite forgotten memories.

Quickly & effortlessly sort photos

With a few quick swipes, keep only the photos you really like, all the while rediscovering your cherished memories!

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Clean up similar photos

Everyone captures a thousand times the same moment to make absolutely sure to get it right. But mixed in with all the rest, it's almost as if those perfect shots didn't exist... Not anymore!

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Our Values

For the growing numbers tired of pointless consumption and wastefulness in our current society

  • Free

  • Sustainable

  • Easy-to-use

  • Private

  • Made with ♡ in Finland

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Who is behind Photorealis?

A team of believers in humanity, trying to stop digital waste and anxiety caused by exploding photo collections. Let's get back control!

Silvain Toromanoff

Founder & CEO

Keeping my photo collection enjoyable was such a never-ending struggle, that I had to take matters into my own hands. We clearly need help to prevent ourselves from drowning our memories in noise, all the while reducing the massive waste generated by storing all this clutter in the cloud indefinitely.

* Is this really a big deal? I mean, how much energy is really wasted by all these servers? This all sounds like greenwashing to me...

Well, it's definitely a big deal. Datacenter worldwide use today over 1% of global electricity [1] which is conservatively expected to be multiplied by 3 before 2030 [2]. Around 10% of that is just for spinning storage disks [3]...

On Google Photos alone - as seen on the quote above - trillions of photos are stored for no value whatsoever. We estimate that those 4 trillion photos (or 80 billion GB of data) emit up to 2.5 million tons of CO2e each year!

This is based on the following estimates:
- amount of electricity consumed by an average disk & server in 2021: 7.6W/TB [4a][4b]
- cloud storage redundancy: 1.75 [5]
- datacenter Power Usage Effectiveness: 1.6 [6]
- average energy mix: 0.5Kg CO2e/KWh [7]

Finally, even the extensively advertised notion that "datacenter are going renewable" is not actually a solution: renewables are growing slower than datacenter energy demand [8]. In general, experts agree that energy will be in short supply in the coming decades; eliminating energy waste is thus both effective and required to spare more important uses.

Please get in touch if you want to know more, we will be happy to talk nitty-gritty details with you!

Launching in 2021 - Join now!

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